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Thunder (XML, JSON, SOAP)​​

XML Thunder

Abstract Architecture

XML-Enable COBOL and C programs with XML Thunder

Parse, Write & Validate XML Documents

Create XML APIs for COBOL and C Programs

Respond to XML Schema Changes Quickly & Easily

Intagre Easily with New & Existing Applications

Features of XML Thunder


with an intuitive visual designer for improved developer productivity

Support for XML Character and Entity references

(e.g. using &#A9; to represent the © symbol or & to represent “&”)

Fully-automated COBOL and C source code generation

for validating, parsing and creating XML documents

Program control over XML output

including "switches" to enable calling program to suppress output of objects/properties and "counts" for specifying how many occurrences of a repeating structure should be output

Easily map XML elements and attributes

to COBOL, C and Java program data structures

Customized error handling

for error vs. warning message

Repeatable processs

for faster, reliable development

Enhanced formatting output

for datetime, upper/lower case and whitespace

Convert XML into COBOL fields, C variables and Java classes

for easy processing in your COBOL, C and Java programs

Process documents of any size

at the document or node level

Confirm adherence

to original specs with runtime validations to reduce tedious programming tasks to handle XML rules

Support for WSDLs.

Generate COBOL, C and Java source code to validate, parse and create request and response SOAP messages as defined by WSDLs.

Convert COBOL fields, C variables and Java classes to XML

for easy processing with external systems

Support for XML Character and Entity references;

e.g. using &#A9; to represent the © symbol or & to represent “&”

Derive COBOL copybooks / fields, C variables / header files and Java variables / classes

from XML schemas or sample messages

Support for advanced XML schema concepts

including choice, sequence, all, enumeration, namespaces, substitutionGroup, abstract types and unbounded repeating structures

Repeatable processs

from COBOL copybooks, C header files and Java classes

Support for industry standard schemas

including SWIFT, SEPA, ACORD, FIXML, HIPPA, OTA, OASIS, and more.

Create sample XML messages

for testing

Work with NoSQL databases and XML data types in relational databases.

Generate XML processing COBOL, C and Java sub-programs for any architecture

for (web service, client, server, batch, etc.)

Work with NoSQL databases and XML data types in relational databases.

XML Thunder - How It Works

Thunder generates all of the source code required for COBOL programs to interface with JSON. Using the toolset’s Visual Designer, develop JSON Handlers to convert (i.e. parse) JSON messages to program fields or create JSON messages from program fields. These JSON Handlers – called Readers and Writers – are created in just three easy steps.


Your program field source1 and JSON layout source2


Specific program fields to specific JSON nodes


COBOL code to create or parse JSON3


See Thunder in action on our Video Tutorial page.

Experience Thunder

Experience the benefits XML Thunder, the automated development and maintenance program that gets your COBOL and C programs validating, parsing and creating XML quickly and easily. 

To get started with Thunder or to learn about how Thunder solutions can benefit your company, please contact Canam Software Lab.

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