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Harness the power of visual XML document design and manipulation.

Creating and manipulating XML document structure is a snap with the powerful visual designer of XML Composer™. The easy to use, intuitive user interface allows developers to concentrate on working with the XML document structure and frees them up from the tedious task of having to define program level storage to accommodate the XML document.

There are two types of XML handlers you can design and generate with XML Composer™. XML Readers are EABs that will be able to accept an XML document and will populate the appropriate EAB export views with its content, while XML writers are EABs that will be able to assemble and XML document using data residing in the EAB import views.

Visual mapping resulting in appropriate program code generation.

Use the map/unmap functionality of XML Composer™ to easily create attribute view/ XML element/attribute mapping. While an XML Reader allows each attribute view to have one mapped XML element/attribute, an XML Writer can have each of its attribute view be mapped to more then one XML node. Visual clues are provided to easily identify already mapped XML elements and attributes and when an attribute is selected the corresponding mapped XML elements/attributes will be highlighted.

  • Intuitive visual design environment.
  • Visual representation of External Action Block views and XML structure.
  • Easy visual manipulation of XML structure.
  • Easy visual manipulation of XML element properties.
  • Model driven development paradigm.
  • XML data buffer can consist of repeating data structure.
  • Automatic COBOL, C and JAVA source code generation for XML data handling logic.
  • No need to learn complex programming of DOM or SAX engines.