What is Express Soap?

Are you still hand-crafting SOAP messages to test your web service and SOA applications?

There is a better, faster and overall less expensive approach - generate your SOAP messages automatically from your WSDL file! Just point and click and hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of SOAP messages can be generated and posted to a web service automatically!

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Fine Tune with Restrictions

When creating your test scenario for a WSDL file you can select from valid, invalid or custom profiles to achieve desired results when generating test SOAP messages.

Once the scenario is created, it can be further customized down to the node level to create SOAP messages that will comply or violate (your choice) the WSDL rules.  This is useful to test typical, boundary and invalid conditions in your applications

Generic or Specific Content

SOAP messages can be easily generated for testing purposes directly from the WSDL file and its' rules.

SOAP messages can contain dummy data or realistic, actual values based on your WSDL or other rules.  By default, WSDL enumeration values are automatically stored and used during generation.  These can be overwritten or modified.

Values for data nodes without WSDL based enumeration can be entered manually, obtained from an external data source or programmatically created using the built in scripting engine.  Local testing for the script snippets is also available for maximum control and efficiency.

Dynamic Web Service Execution

A webservice can be optionally executed using the generated SOAP messages right after generation on the fly.  The response from the web service is logged locally for further analysis.