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Version 8 History

XML Composer 8 Release Notes
8.6.1  July 18, 2018
8692 Add support for more schema properties (e.g. minLength)
8697 Enhanced validation for COBOL Readers

8.6.0  Feb 7, 2018
8657 Fixed issue with Adoption command
8674 Support import of sample XML documents with namespaces
8680 Insert SOAP namespace, prefix and encoding attributes when converting Handler to SOAP Handler

8.5.15  Feb 23, 2017
7664 Handler Name shown in source code comment was not correct

8.5.14  Feb 07, 2017
7656 Stop out of Sequence error from occurring on readers.
7657 Choice constructs directly under a sequence are being skipped.
7658 If a field has a pattern restriction (regular expression), determine field length based on pattern.
7659 Elements with data along with an attribute are not processed correctly.
7660 Reader using IBM PARSER can get pattern error when reading document with element that contains data and attributes.
7662 Clicking on Window->Handler does not switch the active handler.
7663 Truncate decimal values to fit target gen attribute views and not to raise an error.

8.5.13  Jan 25, 2017
7652 Compiler error for optional elements that contain both data and attribute.

8.5.12  Dec 10, 2016
7615 Added support for Gen 8.6
7631 Add support for Canam parm names using hyphens as well as underscores.
7640 Add support for more than 3 levels of nested repeating structures to COBOL code generation.
7643 Fix issue supporting IBM XML PARSE statement (v8.5.12 in XC)

8.5.11  Oct 10, 2015
7540 Converted XML Composer to .Net 4 Framework.

8.5.6  Jun 05, 2015
7462 Gen internal length field was not being set for the buffer on Writers.

8.5.5  Sep 17, 2014
7431 MSXML conflict occurred when viewing schema causing XC to crash.

8.5.4  Jun 04, 2014
7395 Do not raise error empty numeric and date/time.
7396  Support for varying length fields on long names (COBOL).

8.5.2  Mar 04, 2014
7373 Reader support "+" sign in numeric fields (C and COBOL code).
7336 Improper call to new merged generators was causing an abend.
7337 Reverted to use MSXML4 because MSXML6 was causing backward compatibility problems.
7400 Truncation of numbers in scientific notation.

8.5.1  Mar 01, 2013
7221 Registering XC as a plug-in for Gen 7.6 was using the wrong registry key.
7223 Renamed the generator DLL so that it would not conflict with XC2 generator.
7242 Security upgrade, Change location license path registry for Win7 UAC.

8.5.0  Mar 01, 2013
7214 Initial Commercial Release of XC 8.5 for CA Gen r8.5

8.1.0  Feb 18, 2011
6922 In COBOL Readers, that last digit of the decimal was being ignored.
6755 C Handlers Generated for UNIX had a compile error with "//" as comments.
6768 A reader using IBM Parse that has no closing tag or has no data, returns the data from the previous node.
6770 Enhanced parsers and test harness for the merger of the XT/XC generators.
6989 Suppression of Date, Time and Timestamp nodes for initial values was not working.

8.0.0  September 1, 2010 Initial Commercial Release for CA Gen r8

Version 2 History

2.7.11  May 25, 2010
XML Composer (XC2.exe v2.7.11)

Code Generator (CNMXML2.dll V2.7.11)
6738 : XML Readers in C were returning Invalid Character errors for numbers

2.7.10  April 16, 2010
XML Composer (XC2.exe v2.7.10)
6654 Convert XML Composer to use CNMSEC8
6658 Changed the caption on the wizard to read: Select EAB stub
6700 Added the option to generate NATIONAL code or regular TEXT code for XML PARSE statement.

Code Generator (CNMXML2.dll V2.7.10)
6613 The maximum size of decimal points is 18 places (This is the maximum COBOL allows)
6653 Java Writer hard codes the group view counter name.
6654 Convert CNMXML to use CNMSEC8
6698 Compilation error if one of the fields had the "Suppress If Initial" flag checked.
6700 Added the option to generate NATIONAL code or regular TEXT code for XML PARSE statement.

6526 Added Message Type
WSDL (CNMTXWSDL.dll 1.0.5)
6530 Check if the WSDL does not have a schema tag.
6621 Handle the case when the wsdl:Binding element does not have soap:binding as the first child.
6623 Fix to pick the message namespace from the 'Body' specification, and for the rpc request.

2.7.8  June 23, 2009
XML Composer (XC2.exe v2.7.8)
6204 Allow users to select the same license file during the Change License Location process
6499 The default SOAP namespace was hardcoded. The WSDL parser dervies the name from the WSDL file.
6500 Export All the registry settings.

Code Generator (CNMXML2.dll V2.7.8)
6452 Must declare the global variables as static to avoid inter-value mix up for variables with the same name.
6453 Obfuscation check in XC Generator was incorrect
6466 Generating the handler from C file is not bringing the length of DPREC values

6497Enhancing the SOAP WSDL Parser

WSDL (CNMTXWSDL.dll 1.0.3)
6497 Enhancing the SOAP WSDL Parser

2.7.5  April 9, 2008
#6204 2008-04-09 enh: Incorporate CNMSEC6.DLL as the primary security management process.
#6266 2008-05-01 enh: Upgrade Dictionary to use newer components for TList, DBGrid, and XArray.

2.7.4  April 5, 2008
#6205 2008-04-02 enh:Upgrade to msxml6 to improve schema validation feature.
#6206 2007-04-23 enh:Additional changes to support Vista

2.7.3  November 1, 2007
#6066 2007-04-23 enh:Provide support for Vista
#6056 2007-08-29 enh:Modify XML Handler properties dropdown to support Gen 7.5 and 7.6 code generation.

2.7.2  April 30, 2007
#4882 2007-04-30 Enhancement: Upgrade security

2.7.1  January 5, 2007
#4552 enh:Suppress data node if it contains initial value (zero (for date and time), spaces (text), 20 zeroes for timestamp)
#4735 enh:AllFusion Gen 7.5 compatibility (COBOL/C)
#3948 fix:Add closing tag setting was always "no" when report first created. Changes were not saved.
#4781 2006-12-21 fix:Fixed problem with extensibility when value changes down levels in a hierarchy.
#4783 2007-01-07 enh:Added reference node capabilty
#4795 2007-01-25 fix:Fixed code generation error for "Suppress If Initial Value" settings for text fields.

2.7.0  January 5, 2006
#3390 Enhancement: Provide option for using IBM XML PARSE command in COBOL Reader.
#3957 Enhancement: Add date/time static variables so we can tell when eab was generated by looking at obj file.
#4158 Enhancement: Remove use of SPACES from INSPECT statement for COBOL. It's inefficient.
#4260 Enhancement: Convert XC to use TList7.
#4269 Bug Fix: Add check for end of buffer in C Writer.
#4290 Bug Fix: Numeric values receive a domain of text during transformation.
#4375 Bug Fix: Double-click on "OK" button on properties window could cause XC to crash.
#4405 Bug Fix: Allow date values to contain blanks for COBOL Readers (blanks should default to zero).
#4416 Bug Fix: Extensibility setting on the root node did not work properly.
#4448 Bug Fix: Correct COBOL generator so that it treats whitespace setting the same as it does for C.

2.6.2  September 20, 2005
#3473 Enhancement: Allow for view, entity and attribute names that start with numeric values
#3669 Enhancement: Add an option to ignore namespace prefix during tag recognition.
#3905 Bug Fix : Improved error handling when “missing node” is encountered in the document.
#4070 Bug Fix : Improved support for embedded single and double quotes in a text string for COBOL generation.

2.6.1  February 18, 2005
#3824 Bug Fix : Boolean settings not stored correctly on an non-English workstation.
#3851 Bug Fix : On Edit pane, text node cannot be created if XML attribute is optional.
#3852 Enhancement: Remove "physical" view of the IDS. (rollback #3731)
#3853 Bug Fix : Last generated language is not saved.

2.6.0  January 21, 2005
#3731 Enhancement: Provide a "physical" view of the IDS.
#3741 Enhancement: Drop mappings automatically when an item is dragged to a different level.
#3781 Enhancement: Provide a consistency check report at generation time.
#3792 Enhancement: Make customer name on license mandatory.
#3801 Enhancement: Writer should skip the merged element if element is optional and the group view occurence is zero.
#3774 Bug Fix : Reader does not verify end tags.
#3775 Bug Fix : Runtime error during code generation if integer size is zero for a decimal number.

2.5.1  December 15, 2004
#3722 Enhancement: Accept copy protected licenses only.

2.5.0  December 10, 2004
#3655 Bug fix : certain status messages contain internal names, like "xc:..."
#3658 Bug fix : Buffer size warning should come up only for the Writer.
#3659 Bug fix : rename 'collapse' to 'collapse all'.
#3675 Bug fix : COBOL:INSPECT statement causes runtime abend if reference modifier length is zero.
#3706 Bug fix : C:text[1] fields are being declared as char[1] as opposed to char[2].
#3502 Enhancement: Allow a group view attribute to be mapped to a single XML element/attribute.
#3553 Enhancement: AllFusion Gen7 compatibility (COBOL/C) - beta2 tested.
#3648 Enhancement: Allfusion Gen7 compatibility (JAVA) - beta2 tested.
#3653 Enhancement: Provide selection for GEN version in plug-in registration/removal.
#3664 Enhancement: Add GEN version to XML Handler properties.
#3703 Enhancement: C:skip characters at the beginning of the document.
#3708 Enhancement: During XML instance import, create text nodes for xmlns: prefixed attributes instead of data nodes.

2.4.4  October 27, 2004
#3656 Enhancement: Provide Java-only code generation.
#3652 Bug fix : Advantage GEN6.5 plug-in cannot be registered.

2.4.2  October 13, 2004
#3634 Enhancement: Provide option for default text viewer.
#3637 Enhancement: Provide option for interpreting min/maxLength schema properties.
#3644 Bug fix : Boolean schema types are imported as text(4). It should be text(5) to accomodate "False".
#3646 Bug fix : XML Validation tool can not load schema if schema has targetNamespace property.

2.4.1  September 30, 2004
#3631 Bug fix : "Browse Original Schema" shows incomplete/incorrect schema source for reference elements.

2.4.0  September 30, 2004
#3591 Bug fix : When importing an XML Schema children should be automatically set as 'optional'.
#3630 Bug fix : Sample pane does not have sample text for a CDATA section.
#3530 Enhancement: Add capability to read and write CDATA sections.
#3531 Enhancement: Provide a formatting option for wrapping a text node with CDATA tag for the XML Writer.
#3563 Enhancement: Make error message boxes copy-enabled.
#3564 Enhancement: Add directory browse to the Schema Validation Tool window.
#3565 Enhancement: Make "Save As..." dialog as a "File Save As..." dialog.
#3566 Enhancement: Replace icons with text on dialog/window buttons.
#3567 Enhancement: Rename "Repository" to "Current Folder".
#3576 Enhancement: Display obfuscation status as part of the license information.
#3577 Enhancement: On edit pane, display more information about the current node on the status line.
#3578 Enhancement: Replace the word API with IDS (interface data structure)
#3600 Enhancement: Display welcome screen after main window loads.
#3602 Enhancement: Allow the current folder to be changed on open dialog.
#3603 Enhancement: Provide option panel for XML Schema related properties.
#3605 Enhancement: Save the destination folder for each XML Handler.
#3606 Enhancement: Remove "view/save after generation" options on generation window.
#3623 Enhancement: Enhance license management window.
#3626 Enhancement: Display processing message while checking the license at startup.

2.3.4  September 20, 2004
#3621 Bug fix : When more data is read than what was defined, the data in the first group view gets partially wiped out.

2.3.3  September 3, 2004
#3620 Bug fix : C: character value assigned is incorrect if value is longer then field length.

2.3.2  July 8, 2004
#3556 Bug fix : During XML Schema import, the length of the data node is not correctly set.
#3560 Bug fix :"whitespace" property is not set correctly.
#3562 Bug fix : COBOL: when whitespace=preserve, the reader assigns the text value one character short.

2.3.1  June 30, 2004
#3547 Bug fix : User Code 2 for network client activation is wrong.
#3549 Bug fix : COBOL DECIMAL-POINT keyword is obfuscated.

2.3.0  June 20, 2004
#3458 Enhancement: Represent (>7F) character as numerical character reference. Convert character reference into byte.
#3506 Enhancement: Use INSPECT CONVERTING instead of INSPECT REPLACING in COBOL code.
#3515 Enhancement: Setup CR/LF/TAB character codes in COBOL automatically for EBCDIC environment.
#3516 Enhancement: Display parent element/attribute name on data node properties window.
#3536 Enhancement: Launch default e-mail client or display a window before manual registration with license information
#3507 Bug fix : COBOL reader trim function does not remove spaces from left of the text.
#3523 Bug fix : Generated XML Schema is not correct for optional and extensible elements.
#3524 Bug fix : Data nodes without mapping are not being preserved after Adoption.
#3525 Bug fix : Circular definitions in XML Schema are causing "out of stack" error.
#3526 Bug fix : Generated XML Schema is not correct when element has attributes and content but no child elements.

2.2.2  May 20, 2004
#3503 Bug fix : Undo fails after first operation.
#3504 Enhancement: Make the first item selected on list if there is only on item to select.

2.2.1  May 10, 2004
#3498 Bug fix : XML Schema import does not recognize extension base if the referenced name has a namespace prefix.
#3499 Enhancement: In XML Schema import, deduce the length of numeric data from maxInclusive value.

2.2.0  May 1, 2004
#3414 Enhancement:Provide COBOL option tab on XML Handler Properties and Options windows.
#3053 Enhancement:Remove ATTRLIST node from XML view if the last attribute is removed.
#3412 Enhancement:Obfuscate generated COBOL/C code.
#3439 Enhancement:Improve C XML Writer performance (addTextValue method).
#3396 Enhancement:Provide alias name for xml element/attribute for display purposes.
#3397 Enhancement:Provide white-space option(replace/preserve/collapse) for text data nodes.
#3218 Enhancement:Provide missing flag (null indicator) support.
#3398 Enhancement:Provide default-value option for optional data nodes.
#3443 Bug fix :Flag fields are missing from the API for optional attributes.
#3436 Bug fix :Java eab stub analyzer does not recognize non-repeating gvw.
#3437 Bug fix :Extended precision java field value not correctly formatted.
#3475 Bug fix :C generated code causing errors on Forte Developer 7 cc compiler.
#3477 Bug fix :Numeric overflow occurs in COBOL reader when the integer digits are number of integer digits exceed 11.
#3289 Bug fix :Replace _strnicmp/_strnset functions with ANSI equivalents
#3113 Bug fix :Replace _ltoa/_gcvt functions with ANSI equivalents

2.1.3  April 8, 2004
#3438 Bug fix : Some XML Schema elements missing after import XML Schema.
#3113 Bug fix : non-ANSI functions are being used, causing UNIX compiler failures.
#3446 Bug fix : C writer removes last 0 digit of numeric value if there is no decimal part.
#3456 Bug fix : C reader truncates numeric data if field was not defined double.
#3468 Bug fix : Namespace prefix causes element to be skipped during import of XML Schema.
#3470 Bug fix : COBOL EAB stub analyzer does not recognize decimal part of COMP, COMP-3, etc. fields.
#3472 Bug fix : BYTE definition in C reader (__int8) is not ANSI compliant.
#3469 Enhancement: Allow user to select the root element during import from XML Schema.

2.1.2  February 19, 2004
#3394 Bug fix : C EAB stub source analyzer fails to recognize the difference between a non-repating gvw and a repeating gvw with 1 occurence.
#3395 Bug fix : EXIT PARAGRAPH stmt not accepted in IBM COBOL for OS/390 & VM 2.1.1 C370.
#3393 Bug fix : OC7 abend, COBOL reader, while incrementing occurence counter of a nested gvw.
#3399 Bug fix : <> not accepted in IBM COBOL for OS/390 & VM 2.1.1 C370.
#3403 Bug fix : XML-IEF-DATE reference modified stmts not accepted in IBM VS COBOL II Release 3.2
#3389 Enhancement: add support for "include" in XML Schema definition import
#3370 Enhancement: make COBOL generated code ANSI85 compliant.
#3401 Enhancement: define symbolic names for TAB/CR/LF/
#3408 Enhancement: make quote/apos optional for COBOL

2.1.1  February 1, 2004
#3340 Bug fix : summary view displays a blank page on some Win2000 installations.
#3367 Bug fix : reader fails when element tag has extra spaces after element name.
#3380 Enhancement: during schema import, do not add element if one already exists with same name on the same branch.
#3383 Enhancement: add dialog for find and match options

2.1.0  November 1, 2003
#3079 Enhancement: handle c/java extended precision numbers
#3247 Enhancement: C/COBOL - added moredata warning.
#3281 Enhancement: handle user specified cobol data types
#3284 Enhancement: attribute values are enclosed in single quotes. make it customizable.
#3285 Enhancement: prevent launching more than one instance of the exe
#3287 Bug fix : incorrect data definition being generated for numeric fields with no integer part(COBOL).
#3289 Enhancement: replace _strnicmp/_strnset functions with ANSI equivalents
#3291 Bug fix : displays "Evaluation" for periodic license.

2.0.2  September 1, 2003
#3258 Bug fix : generator error if rgvw is both mapped to a repeating element and data node.
#3260 Bug fix : replace COMPUTE stmts with MOVE/ADD/MULT
#3261 Enhancement: reader returns error(OV) if overflow occurs for numerical data.
#3270 Bug fix : import xml instance does not count elements properly.
#3271 Bug fix : user can not activate product without entering demo key

2.0.1  August 15, 2003
#3250 Bug fix : overflow message during adopt.

2.00  July 20, 2003
#3130 Enhancement: add text formatting
#3131 Enhancement: add integer size to number formatting
#3133 Enhancement: replace embedded spaces in a node name with dashes instead of giving an error message
#3154 Enhancement: new tool for XML design - Add Data Node
#3155 Enhancement: improve xml schema import - process data type and facets
#3156 Enhancement: improve xml instance import - discover data domain/length
#3157 Enhancement: map function must use current data node if exists
#3158 Enhancement: unmap function must not remove data node
#3160 Enhancement: wizard dialog to start a new handler
#3233 Bug fix : compiler error for C reader:fatal error C1026: parser stack overflow, program too complex
#3236 Bug fix : compiler error for COBOL: some continuation lines are wrong