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Creating a simple XML Writer from a COBOL data structure.

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1 - Creating an XML Handler

Here you will learn how to create an XML handler that can be used to generate either Reader or Writer codes. Please select one of the different types of source available:

...from a COBOL Data Structure
...from a C Data Structure
...from an XML Schema
...from an XML Instance



2 - Mapping Data Nodes (optional)

This video demonstrates how to change the mapping information of an XML Handler. This optional step is particularly important when coming from a COBOL data structure where you already have an XML Schema to which you need to conform.

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3 - Generating Code

This segment demonstrates the process of generating the COBOL source code for the XML handler created during the previous tutorials.

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Navigating through the User Interface

This demonstration will show you how to navigate through the different panels of the User Interface and what they mean.

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XML Thunder's Customizable Options

This video shows the different customizable options provided by XML Thunder™, how they change its behavior and how they modify the generated code. There are two levels of options, one affects the whole system and other is specific to each XML handler.

Toolset Default Properties
XML Handler Properties



XML Schema Design Time Validation

This video will demonstrate how to use XML Thunder in order to validate XML instances against XML Schema files at design time.

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Start to End

Create an XML handler from a schema, generate a Test Harness and XML Writer, compile, link and execute the generated program, and examine the XML document written to a file.

COBOL Code Generation
C Code Generation