XML Thunder Display Window

Sometimes, XML Thunder is unable to display all the data within the screen which is caused by two problems.

(1) This is often a result of modified display settings of the computer to display enlarged text. XML Thunder was designed to display text at 96 dots-per-inch (DPI); text that is larger than this can cause the display issues. It is possible to adjust display seetings by right clicking on the desktop, select 'Screen Resolution' and then 'Set Custom Text Size (DPI)'. Either set or verify that the setting is '96 pixels per inch'.

(2) In addition, depending upon the version of Microsoft Windows that is being used, there is also a setting to change the overall font size. If this is the case, right click on the desktop, select 'Properties', then the 'Appearance' tab. Change the 'Font Size' to 'Normal'.

If the display window continues to create issues, contact Canam Software at support@canamsoftware.com.