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Retrieving Nodes in Canonical Form

1. Create an XML Handler the same way as always (from WSDL, schema, sample, copybook, etc.)

2. Select the XML node(s) that you would like to retrieve in Canonical form and changethe “Retrieve Node” property to “true”. Note: if the XML Node Properties pane is not displayed, select to XML Item -> Properties from the menu bar.


3. Open the code generation window and generate a “Document-level”, “Compact Code”, Reader. Note that this feature is currently only supported for Compact code.


4. There will be a new XML-BUFFER structure added to the IDS for each node selected for retrieval. In the image below, 2 nodes were selected so there are 2 BUFFERs added to the IDS


Note: that the structure currently contains a “BUFFER-FILL-2” field. This is not required and will be removed shortly. You can ignore it for now.

5. The call to the Handler will be the same as always, except that there will be additional structures for each node being retrieved.


6. You call the XML Reader handler the same as always. The document will be parsed and validated the same as before. In addition the requested nodes will be returned in Canonical form in the new structures.

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