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XML Thunder Read Ahead Feature

To turn on the Read Ahead feature, select the element that is the parent of the level that you would like to perform the read ahead logic on and set the “Read Ahead” property to “True”. In this case, I have selected .


Setting the “Read Ahead” Property to “True” means that all non-repeating nodes under will be read when the first occurrence of the is read. In other words, the first occurrence of will be returned with all non-repeating children under . The next call to the Handler will return the second occurrence of , the next call the third occurrence of and so on until all occurrences are read. After all occurrences have been read, the reader will continue – re-reading the non-repeating nodes following . This does mean that the non-repeating nodes are read twice – once with the first occurrence of and then again after all occurrences of have been read.

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