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Transferring the XML Thunder License

To transfer a license from one machine to another, the license much first be deactivated from the original machine. Once completed, please contact Canam Software Labs, Inc. to attain activation codes for a new license.

To Deactivate the License On the Original Machine:

1. Open XML Thunder on the original machine and go to Tools -> License Management -> Revoke.

2. Send us User Code 1 and User Code 2 in an email to

3. We will send back a Reg Key 1 value to enter into the toolset.

4. Send us the Confirmation Number generated by XML Thunder to verify the deactivation.

Once the license deactivation has been verified, we will send you a license id and password for an online activation of the license on the new machine.

To Activate the License On the New Machine:

1. Install XML Thunder on the new machine (contact us if you need a new installation package).

2. Go to Tools -> License Management -> Register Online.

3. Enter the license id and password that we will provide.

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