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Thunder Wiki for Thunder Suite, JSON Thunder & XML Thunder

Support and Help Documentation

Contacting Support»

If you are experiencing an XML Thunder related issue, please contact us via email at To help us resolve your issue as quickly as possible, please provide us with the following:

  • The XML Handler Definition File
  • The XML Schema/WSDL/Copybook used to create the handler definition
  • A sample XML file that is being processed by the Reader or created by the Writer
  • A description of the error being encountered (i.e. the values found in the CANAM-XML-STATUS structure after the call to the handler)
    • Return Code
    • Message
    • Position
    • Source

Help Documentation»

You can access the XML Thunder Help File by going to Help -> Contents.


You will also find a Word document in the installation folder called XML Thunder Version 4 User Manual.

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