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JSON Data Type Support

JSON Data Type to COBOL Field Type Mapping

The following JSON schema types are supported in XML Thunder:


Other Properties Supported

The following properties are supported and used for COBOL field size declaration as well as message validation:

  • required
  • minimum and maximum
  • minLength and maxLength
  • exclusiveMinimum, exclusiveMaximum
  • minItems, maxItems
  • default
  • enum
  • divisibleBy
  • Format (for date, time and datetime)


The table on the next page shows a sample JSON schema next to the corresponding COBOL copybook generated by XML Thunder.



  • Size determined from max value in schema


  • Size based on toolset default for decimal values


  • Inserted by XT to control repeating structure (for reader = how many were found; for writer=how many to output)


  • OCCURS size from toolset default. If maxItems has been specified in schema, it would have been used.

HasAccounts and StateProvince

  • 88 levels from schema enums

XML Thunder Toolset Support

The following screenshots show the XML Thunder Handler Design created from the above schema.

  1. Toolset defaults can be specified.  These are used when not specified by schema


  3. BankId has min and max values captured.

  4. Image

  5. BankName has min and max length captured:

  6. Image

  7. HasAccounts treats boolean as string with enumeration values


  9. StateProvince has schema enums captured


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