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Thunder Levelset History

Thunder Version 5 Release Notes
5.1.12 June 15, 2020
8729 JSON readers raising an error when text content contains ] or }
8734 Add support for "Break Up Large Paragraph" Setting for Reader Test Harnesses that write to files
8735 Add ability to parse Processing Instruction attributes from XML messages
8736 Smaller source code file size for Reader Test Harness
8737 Output both node name and value for Overflow error on Writers

5.1.11 Oct 2, 2019
8720 Fix LINKAGE Section memory error on node level reader (RM/COBOL)
8723 Add support for COMP-6 in COBOL generation
8724 Support COBOL copybooks that have trailing spaces beyond "." that takes the line beyond column 72
8726 Add support for node-level JSON in COBOL
8727 Fix error creating Handler from COBOL copybook with 88 level of " "
8728 Do not escape apostrophe in JSON writers

5.1.10  Apr 29, 2019
8718 Invalid date value for unformatted date fields can cause an infinite loop
8719 For COBOL Writers, the Trim, TrimEnd and TrimStart settings should collapse SPACES to an empty element

5.1.9  Jan 15, 2019
8715 JSON Writers should output a value Of null When LOW-VALUES passed In (COBOL)
8716 Eliminate unnecessary spaces from JSON messages
8717 Compiler directives not substituting for %FILENAME% on Writers

5.1.8  Nov 20, 2018
8688 Support for openAPI (Swagger) specification
8770 Fixed issues with JSON in C - warnings, handling of short and char
8701 COBOL performance enhancements
8702 Fixed issue with empty JSON array raising "node not closed error"
8704 Do not raise an "NE", nillable error when element with xsi:nil="true" has attributes
8705 When creating handler from JSON sample, text fields with numeric values are incorrectly identified as numeric fields
8706 A text field with length of 5 is interpreted as boolean when schema is generated
8707 Do not output empty object brace brackets when inside an empty array
8708 C code fix to suppress JSON array object when count is set to 0
8709 Allow greater than character as first character in node content
8710 Add setting to add CRLF after every closing tag
8711 Add settng to indent before each open tag for formatted output
8712 Add setting to start COBOL source in column 1
8713 Use SYNC clause for COBOL declarations
8714 Test Harness will now generate Reader inline XML using CDATA tag for fields using CDATA

5.1.7  Aug 25, 2017
8693 Improve support for JSON generation from XML Handler Definition
8695 Fix COBOL Readers could raise error when parsing XML message with xsi:nil='true' on parent elements
8696 Default setting for "Truncate" is not being picked up
8698 Correct issue with COBOL writers truncating test values when leading spaces

5.1.6  May 1, 2017
8671 COBOL performance improvements
8673 JSON - support for creating handler from sample with a named root element that is an array
8675 CHOICE-DATA structure should not be inserted for Locked Handlers
8681 JSON - Fix loading schemas with external ref
8683 Fix issue with JSON schema generation for oneOf structures
8684 Allow text fields up to 5,000,000 bytes
8687 Fix Timestamp 88 level can be all 0's when there are enumerations for timestamps
8689 COBOL INSPECT statement can cause runtime error on empty strings

5.1.5  Oct 12, 2017
8648 Support for multi-level inheritance for abstract types.
8651 Add an option to pad text data (elements and attributes) with specified character.
8652 Support for "." in WSDL message names.
8658 Enable COBOL Readers to detect multiple validation errors in a single pass.
8659 Error displaying Summary Report for older Handlers opened the latest version of Thunder.
8660 Add program data structure to hold a "sequence" choice.
8661 Add maxOccurs schema override setting to limit maxOccurs on new Handlers.
8662 Prevent duplicate field names when IDS suffix is "none" and element contains attributes and data.
8663 COBOL Reader not setting optional flag when > 250 elements are optional.
8664 Copybook suffix setting "Level" was incorrect for special fields structure.
866P Performance improvements for COBOL Readers.
8666 Performance improvements for COBOL Writers.
8667 Compiler error for Node-Level Readers using single IDS structure.

5.1.4  May 08, 2017
8642 Allow text fields up to 1,000,000 bytes in length.
7669 Do not count trailing zeroes when validating the number of decimal digits.
8643 COBOL Writers dropping trailing decimal places when special setting used to generate COBOL definitions based on Thunder approach for totalDigits and fractionDigits prior to version 4.5.22
8646 Julian Date not properly supported in COBOL Readers.
8650 Numeric values with decimals not always output to data file correctly by COBOL Reader Test Harness.

5.1.3  Feb 02, 2017
7651 Create Handlers from csv files and generate test harness to read csv data and write out xml.
7655 Fixed overflow Error that could occur When generating C code for XML schemas requiring a buffer size larger than 2,147,483,647 bytes.
7661 Improve drag and drop of IDS nodes for locked handlers.
7664 In some cases, the Handler Name shown in source code comments was not correct.
7666 Tools->Default Properties->Code Generation->FTP does not work when there are multiple FTP clients provided.

5.1.2  Jan 04, 2017
7587 Add support for JAVA.
7645 Add support for truncate setting in C.
7646 Allow suppress when spaces setting to work for timestamp values (C only).
7647 "Suppress When Spaces" setting now Working for C.

5.1.1  Nov 10, 2016
7637 Include minOccurs in COBOL OCCURS DEPENDING ON clause.
7639 Fix namespace issue when multiple fault messages combined in one Handler Design.

5.0.10  Sep 03, 2016
7617 Fix issue for Readers where root node is choice structure.(C and COBOL)
7618 Enhance NonStop DDL generation to support choice structure as root node.
7619 Initialize interface data structure used for "C interface for TAL/COBOL programs".
7620 Fix index out of bounds error for COBOL readers when no match found on element and namespace.
7621 Convert hyphens to underscores for customized prefix on XML-LOG in C code.
7622 Correct compiler error on C code node-level writers.
7623 Fix for incomplete XML document output on C code node-level writers.
7624 Add support for COBOL definitions based on Thunder approach for totalDigits and fractionDigits prior to version 4.5.22
7625 Add support for null value for numeric and date data types in JSON.
7626 Mapping command sometimes disabled for repeating structures when it shouldn't be.
7627 C reader can abend when reading attributes with unmatched quotes.

5.0.9  Sep 01, 2016
7608 Filler size on Redefined areas not calculated properly for COBOL comp fields.
7609 Add setting to insert FILLER to make redefined areas equal size for Locked Handlers.
7610 Use maximum value to help determine number of decimal places allowed for JSON schemas.
7611 Changing node properties sometimes updated wrong node.

5.0.8  Aug 09, 2016
7600 Creating Handler by choosing "none" / "none" in the Handler causes error.
7601 Allow for selecting JSON or XML as message format when creating Handlers from C Header file.
7602 Do not allow an attribute node to be added under an attribute node in Handler Design.
7603 C code, Fix error caused by structure declaration occurring after it is used in function prototype.
7604 Remove warning from generated C code.
7605 COBOL compiler error for Extended Precision fields containing underscores in name.

5.0.7  Jun 08, 2016
7589 Fixed RM/COBOL issue with line continuation on string values.
7593 Licensing performance improvements.
7594 IDS setting changes to Custom name are not always saved before a new code generation
7591 JSON Reader incorrectly raising an error for empty arrays.
7592 Issue processing invalid JSON messages that contain arrays.
7595 Add support for null JSON values in C.
7596 Use Namespace for Derived Names setting for Writer was not being used properly.
7597 Support Handlers with root element of choice.

5.0.6  Mar 09, 2016
7578 Add Support for Union/Choice in the COBOL to C interface.
7579 Improved support for numeric value treated as text in C.
7582 Prevent compiler error due to duplicate 88 level names.
7583 Have choice and OneOf structures set minOccurs based on toolset setting when deriving XML/JSON from IDS.

5.0.5  Feb 24, 2016
7567 Use/Don't use namespace for field names setting not working.
7573 Include Choice Selection Attribute when generating special fields to a separate 01 level.
7574 Fix compiler error for enumeration value with single or double quote matching APOS/NOAPOS setting.
7575 Filler fields used for union structures in C was not calculating correctly.
7576 Tools-> Import Schema was not working importing schema properly.

5.0.4  Feb 16, 2016
7561 Allow copybooks with extensions of COB, CBL and TXT to be selected in New Handler Wizard.
7562 Ensure element names are unique when created from COBOL FILLER fields.
7565 Correct issue loading copybooks that begin with directive.
7566 Fix issue with JSON writers when oneOfnode has subsequent siblings.
7567 Use/Don't use namespace for field names setting of working.

5.0.3  Jan 20, 2016
7553 Add support for JSON in C.
7554 Improve support for generating JSON code from Handlers created from XML Schemas.
7557 Copybook 88 level numeric values not converting to schema enumeration values correctly.
7558 Element domain change not working in toolset
7560 JSON Schema v4 "required" property not being picked up properly under repeating structures.

5.0.2  Dec 20, 2015
7547 88 Level value for Out of Sequence incorrect in Writer Test Harness.
7548 88 Level value for Missing choice incorrect in Reader.
7551 Define seperate output files in Writer Test Harness.
7552 Remove duplicate enumeration values for "NC" when "node not closed" error set as warning.
7556 Improve performance when selecting nodes.

5.0.1  Nov 06, 2015
7532 Improve Writer character conversion when both translate numerical char ref and use char ref are set.
7533 Invalid Character incorrectly raised with CDATA.
7534 Correct issues with Node-Level Test Harness in C.
7535 Change Physical IDS tab based on last code generation language (C or COBOL).
7536 Node-Level copybook not generated properly when "generate only IDS" setting is used.
7537 Node-Level XML not being fully output by Test Harness.
7538 Add PROC and END to copybooks for Unisys os2200 code generation.
7541 Element with data content and attribute content not always populated properly
7542 Default values not populated properly for Reader.
7544 Correct Toolset designer issues when modifying properties and selecting another node.
7545 Fixed FTP issues and modified default script for NonStop platform.

5.0.0  Jul 06, 2015
7471 Updated comments at top of source code to include more Handler Settings.
7475 Add ability to generate JSON Schema from COBOL copybook.
7476 Add support for 2 digit character references
7480 Add support for JSON Schema draft4.
7482 Add support for min sequence.
7483 Do not allow min Occurs to be greater than max Occur for choice and sequence.
7484 Add support for oneOf, anyOf and AllOf for JSON.
7485 JSON Schema - add support for named root objects.
7486 Add support for Test Harness to generate inline sample JSON message for testing.
7487 Sample JSON message should not enclose boolean values in quotes.
7489 Fix COBOL Reader index error when element has default value under repeating structure.
7491 Fix invalid character error raised for arrays of numeric data in JSON.
7492 Fix COBOL compiler error when line wraps in middle of back to back quotes.
7493 Add support for Reader to parse processing instruction attributes (e.g. version and encoding).
7495 Provide JSON only product.
7496 Do not add 0 and 1 and enumeration for JSON data type of boolean.
7497 Remember last folder location used when saving schemas and samples.
7501 Remove windows API calls when possible.
7502 Physical IDS tab not showing flag fields in correct position for Locked and NO-SYNC Handlers.
7503 Do not create duplicate enumeration values on union types.
7506 Fix issue loading WSDLs with namespaces declared at element level.
7512 Modify concurrent user security checking to test either Host Name or IP address. If either matches then allow access.
7514 For oneOf we are adding separators after a choice property - when only one choice is output.
7515 COBOL copybook parser fails when VALUE clause contains period.
7516 Copybook with 01 level that also hold data does not load correctly.
7517 Do not include value of "0" when validating totalDigit count.
7518 Add ability for COBOL Node-level Handler to receive entire XML document.
7520 Add new "Occurrence2" IDS suffix setting. Suffix only applied from second occurrence on.
7523 Recognize "import XML namespace = OFF" setting for Handlers created from WSDL.
7524 Allow Trim, "Trim Start" and "Trim End" to work on CDATA nodes.
7525 IDS property changes updating wrong node is certain cases
7527 Add "truncate without error" setting for text fields.

4.6  Feb 03, 2015
7468 Allow for separate reader and writer IDS settings.
7470 Add option to generate copybooks with WSDL settings.
7477 WSDL not processed correctly when targetnamespace.
7478 Creating Handlers from XSD's that use "union" was causing an error.

4.5.32  Nov 24, 2014
7465 Improvements to abstract type processing. Nested abstract types were not being handled properly.
7466 Do not split copybook selection field 88 levels across lines.

4.5.31  Oct 29, 2014
7436 Whitespace property spelled incorrectly when original XSD is stored (should be whiteSpace)
7442 SimpleType incorrectly added to attributes when original schema is stored with handler.
7450 Automatically set SOAP message property to true for Handlers created from WSDL.
7453 Order of abstract type elements is incorrect when > 1 abstract at the same level.
7455 Prevent arithmetic overflow when more than 100 errors occur.
7456 Improved support for abstract xst:types containing namespace prefixes.
7459 Improve namespace capture for Handlers created from sample XML.

4.5.30  Sep 04, 2014
7425 Arithmetic Overflow error can occur when buffer size exceed internal size long values.
7428 Improved support for "union" in the schema / WSDL.
7434 Improved support for attribute values containing single and / or double quotes.

4.5.29  Aug 19, 2014
7422 Support WSDL files names that contain a period.
7424 Support Reading XML files that contain a mixture of quotes and apostrophe.

4.5.28  Aug 08, 2014
7414 Have XML Thunder show in task bar (and under ALT + Tab) when popups are open (e.g. when New handler wizard or code Gen window is open)
7418 Using Tools->Import Schema to bring a new XSD an existing Handler sometimes causes a crash.
7419 Generate choice Selection Values as 88 levels in copybook and Test Harness.
7421 Arithmetic overflow error when Buffer Size calculations are large.

4.5.27  Jul 09, 2014
7392 Node Level processing improvements for c.
7393 Fix issue with track pointers on repeating structures.
7394 License validation improvements.
7397 Element content can be wrong when document contains unknown attribute on an extensible element.
7398 Add option to use OCCURS DEPENDING On for COBOL repeating structures.
7399 Support embedded ">" in attribute content
7400 Fix issue reading scientific content.
7403 Initialize numeric content in REDEFINED structure before populating.
7404 Fix COBOL writer compiler error caused by namespace prefix on Extended Precision field names.
7405 Reduce COBOL structure initialization to improve performance.
7407 Fix issues with undo / Redo Command.
7408 Improved node selection in toolset UI.

4.5.26  Jun 04, 2014
7382 C reader raising invalid character error when element has namespace attribute.
7383 Reduce size of C source code.
7385 Add support for attributes with spaces between name and equal sign.
7387 C reader should ignore leading spaces in XML document.
7388 Fix formatting issue in Test Harness output of numeric numbers.
7389 REDEFINES clause must come before OCCURS clause when using REDEFINE on repeating structure.
7390 Add ability to specify default program id and source file names.

4.5.25  May 27, 2014
7371 Fix prototype declaration mismatch for C Readers.
7372 C Reader Test Harness can crash when outputting union structures (for XML choice).
7373 Reader support for "+" sign in numeric fields (C code).
7374 Improved error messaging in c.
7375 Add support for additional date and time formats in C.
7377 Add setting to derive Text fields from numeric XML nodes (treat numerics as text).
7379 Include command should not be enabled when parent is excluded.
7381 Fixed out of sequence error for repeating choice in C.

4.5.24  Apr 22, 2014
7342 Add ability to exclude/include nodes from Handler.
7350 Improvements for Extended Precision setting.
7354 Improved error messaging on COBOL readers.
7358 Reader support "+" sign in numeric fields.
7359 Make maximum size for COBOL numeric fields configurable.
7360 Add Nonstop support for Reader initialization program.
7361 Enumeration "ignore case" setting will no longer convert enumeration to uppercase for writers.
7363 Modify Test Harness to output proper value for negative and decimal amounts.
7364 Improve XML-BUFFER size calculation.
7365 Add DDL Generation for Nonstop.
7366 Incorrect minOccurs error being raised for some repeating sequence structures.
7367 Max Occurs error not always trapped.
7368 Original JSON or WSDL file name not displaying properly under Handler properties.
7369 Show license location being used on startup.
7370 Support for divisibleBy to determine decimal size when using JSON schemas.

4.5.23  Apr 10, 2014
7343 Reduce source code size and improve error handling on C writers.
7344 Prevent code generation when max handler property for max text size < maxLength for a node .
7345 Fix Test Harness issue with Repeating Choice.
7346 Fix run time error when Handler has repeating sequence or choice and Reader initialization program used.
7347 XML Schema a Restrictions are not picked up for elements with content and attributes.
7348 Use "&" to continue string values across multiple lines (RM/COBOL enhancement).

4.5.22  Mar 21, 2014
7333 XSD total Digits and fractionDigits are not bring handled properly.
7335 Do not raise an error if timestamp value does not have milliseconds or timezone (Readers).
7338 Reduce number of lines in Writer source code.
7340 Line wrapping of node names causes errors on some compilers.
7341 Do not use signed fields for internal structures that do not require it.

4.5.21  Feb 23, 2014
7320 Add Support for "convert all names to uppercase" for C.
7323 maxLength not set properly when xsd element has restrictions and a default value.
7325 Add FILLER to make all REDEFINE areas the same size.
7326 Add IDS settings for redefines and enumeration to Handler Properties.
7329 Do not generate Flag fields for choice structures when REDEFINES is used.
7330 Add "0" and "1" as enumerations for boolean data types.
7331 Do not automatically change domain of XML content when manually mapping incompatible IDS and XML nodes.
7332 Do not raise errors in unmapped choice structures for C readers.

4.5.20  Jan 10, 2014
7308 Support for repeating sequence in C.
7309 Choice Redefines size is incorrect for node-level.
7310 Add support for JSON schema predefined date formats.
7311 Improve support for WSDLs using xml schema "includes".
7312 Add setting to group COBOL IDS under single 01 level.
7313 Ignore #none elements and duplicate messages when creating Handlers from WSDLs.

4.5.19  Oct 29, 2013
7286 Reader Test Harness IF statement on selection attribute checking empty string.
7291 Handler created from Abstract schema types returning "More Data" error when parsing repeating abstract structures.
7292 Add types Long long, short, long, double for C and pointer for COBOL

4.5.18  Sep 30, 2013
7276 Fixed COBOL parsing failing to read SIGNED LEADING/TRAILING (SEPARATE) if the statement line wrapped in the copybook.
7278 Suppress when spaces default property not being saved.
7279 Data content not being picked up for element having complexcontent consisting of only data and attributes.
7280 Correct warning on writer Test Harness for statement not starting in area B when generating for smaller paragraphs.
7283 Summary report not refreshing properly after Tools->Import xsd/wsdl performed.
7284 PIC "s9" (signed) fields losing the "s" for locked handlers (readers only).
7285 Wrong node name shown in "Source" field when element has data and attributes and there is an error in teh element data.

4.5.17  Aug 15, 2013
7259 Add option forsmaller paragraphs to get past compiler limitations on some platforms.
7261 Node Level test harness generate IF statement with empty selection attribute name when element under choice has max occurs >1 .
7262 Empty IF statement generated for Locked Handlers with Redefines NOT converted to choice
7263 Add libiconv-base code page conversion to COBOL (compact) reader and writer with supporting UI default/handler properties.
7264 Generating creating invalid INITIALIZE statement because the document had no top-level xc:struct named CANAM-XML-DATA.
7272 Logic IDS root node and summary report should use Handler Property for IDS structure name.

4.5.16  Aug 01, 2013
7250 Support WSDLs that do not have a soap Action defined.
7252 Performance improvement for schemas involving a large number of enumeration values.
7257 Improved support for nillable sttributes
7258 Fix problem with suppress when spaces setting

4.5.15  May 27, 2013
7249 Force INSPECT/CONVERTING statement to output To clause on a new line.
7248 File read logic for Nonstop Test Harness.
7245 Fixes for add/remove nodes and special fields.
7241 Source file names incorrectly converted to uppercase and underscores removed when importing a new xsd.

4.5.14  Apr 18, 2013
7225 Allow COMP setting for special fields to affect.
7232 Change FTP settings to write to Program Data folder.
7233 Use separate file definitions for data, log and out for UNIX/AS400
7235 Add support for Union for choice structure in C

4.5.13  Feb 27, 2013
7215 Changing IDS Properties of text node causes numeric properties to display.
7216 Add option to not transform enumeration values as 88 levels.
7217 Add setting to suppress output of empty test nodes.
7218 Fix issues with updating IDS properties.

4.5.12  Jan 23, 2013
7208 Allow insert/remove of IDS nodes for locked handlers.
7209 Fixed errors with repeating children under repeating sequence.

4.5.11  Jan 09, 2013
7198 Code generation panel should remember last language chosen(C or COBOL).
7203 Improved support for substitution groups.

4.5.10  Dec 10, 2013
7199 Compiler error on continuation lines when decimal format is comma.

4.5.9  Nov 01, 2012
7189 Do not use "< >" as operator for COBOL code.
7169 Support for IBM XML PARSE statement with XML SS compiler option used .
7175 PIC "S9" (signed) fields losing the "S" for locked handlers.

4.5.8  Aug 14, 2012
7151 Add WSDL 2.0 support.
7170 Duplicate names are generated for Reader copybooks for Special Fields with long names.
7171 JSON escape characters not handled properly when convert chars to space option is on
7172 Error reading JSON document when last value is numeric

4.5.7  Jul 06, 2012
7157 Concurrent User License may open in demo mode if temp folder does not exist.
7159 Add option for converting a defined list of characters to SPACES.
7164 Enhanced support for MCP COBOL-85..

4.5.6  Jun 12, 2012
7144 Copybooks containing the "@" symbol could not parsed.
7145 Improve performance for Handlers created from copybook.
7150 Add support for repeating sequence with repeating children.
7152 Add new whitespace setting "Collapse to Space".
7154 Add JSON schema support for Divisible.

4.5.5  May 08, 2012
7129 Allow Resync Command for Locked Handlers.
7141 When max buffer size > 999,999,999 do not raise error. Set buffer size to 999,999,999.
7139 Add line continuation to prevent mainframe C code from generating lines > 255 characters in length.
7142 Update XML Thunder Help File.

4.5.4  Apr 03, 2012
7103 Use COBOL Redefines for XML Choice structure.
7081 Support for repeating sequence on Readers.
7104 Changing the name of the IDS root node caused a toolset error.
7109 Allow mixed case source code file names.
7121 Modify code generation window to make is easier to use.
7128 Duplicate namespace error when schema/WSDL contain nillable namespace.
7129 Allow Resync command for Locked Handlers.

4.5.3  Feb 08, 2012
7088 Correct issue when converting between sequence / choice/all-nodes.
7089 Provide option to not use namespace as prefix for IDS nodes.
7091 Include IDS settings in the IMPORT/EXPORT operation for default properties.
7094 Ignore text beyond column 72 when creating Handlers from fixed format copybooks.
7095 Add Unisys generation platform.
7101 Error loading toolset defaults when FTP default value incorrect.
7102 Error converting XML Handler to SOAP HANDLER.

4.5.2  Jan 06, 2012
7065 When deriving XML structure from COBOL API add 1 to numeric field size if signed separate clause exists.
7079 Add option to Lock IDS for handlers that derive IDS from XML.
7080 Open IDS properties pane to allow changes for locked handlers.
7082 WSDL not loaded properly when creating handlers using existing IDS source and WSDL.
7083 Improvements on the handler creation wizard.
7086 For locked handlers place appropriate checks on nodes when user changes Maxoccurs value.

4.5.1  Nov 17, 2011
7071 Schema patterns on numeric values not setting field length properly.
7073 Performance improvements for handler creating and display message while locked handler being created

4.5.0  Nov 10, 2011
7059 Performance enhancement creating insync handler from schema.
7057 Add "Ignore Case" property for enumeration values and group enumeration related properties together on the properties pane.
7067 XML Handlers define SOAP Message does not work when Handler has PI node.
7069 JSON Readers skipping text nodes that starts with null.

4.4.4  Oct 21, 2011
7060 Complier error when node has a maxvalue but no minvalue.
7063 Improved error handling for node level writers.
7064 Use GOBACK instead of STOP RUN in Test Harness.

4.4.3  Sep 28, 2011
7054 Decimal value of comma causes error on min and max value checks.
7055 Toolset crash on new installs with message "Value cannot be null Parameter-Name: Value".

4.4.2  Sep 16, 2011
7017 Optimize License checking for Network License (additional to release 4.4.0).
7046 Do not enclose Boolean values in quotes for JSON writers.
7048 Delimeter for JSON content causes compiler error when quotes setting is APOST.

4.4.1  Sep 01, 2011
7027 Better support for Boolean types for JSON - a) Restrict user input, b) Output values without quotes.
7028 Correct problems with import/export of toolset defaults between XT versions.
7032 Scientific notation should not be used for min/max value testing.
7034 Enumeration validation should take place before character conversion to upper and lower case.
7035 FTP was not including source file name.
7036 Translate 88 levels as enumeration setting should only be used when creating handlers from copybooks.
7040 Incorrect Number Length when the schema specifies Fraction Digits Min-value and Max-value; and length of min/max value is less than fraction digits.

4.4.0  Aug 19, 2011
6975 Support for Min and Max values for numeric types.
6996 Add option to convert text content to upper or lower case.
7003 Removed unhandled preprocessor statements.
7008 FTP script was always including Host Name causing errors.
7009 Prevent fixed copybook prefixes with invalid characters from causing compiler errors.
7010 Fix runtime crash occurring with CDATA content.
7012 Fixed output of arrays to suppress name and array delimiters if the item count was zero.
7013 Corrected namespace lookup to prevent generation time crashes if namespace cannot be resolved.
7015 Added maxocc limit checks to prevent out of bounds memory.
7016 Added checks to prevent nullReferenceExceptions.
7017 Optimize License checking for Network License.
7019 Improve handling for writers with unmapped repeating and choice structures.
7020 Added support for trim, trim-start, trim end whitespace settings.
7021 New default-Minimum Buffer size for new handlers.
7022 List undefined elements and attributes in the consistency check reports.
7023 Generation window - ask for file replace only once.
7024 Option suppress consistency check window when generating.
7025 Fixed problem that prevented the inclusion of "after-logic" code snippets in generated code.
7028 Fixed problems with toolset default import/export.

4.3.11  Jul 12, 2011
6975 Support for Min and Max values for numeric types.
6985 Fix the numeric controls on IDS settings window.
6986 Fix alignment issue for levels in COBOL copybooks.
6987 Ensure names unique for repeating structures with data and a fixed prefix.
6988 Modify C node-level readers to return true count for occurrences found in a repeating structure.
6990 Support for negativeInteger, nonNegativeInteger, positiveInteger, nonpositiveInteger.
6993 Consistent decimal character for all inputs.
6994 Use toolset default patterns for date, time and timestamp when creating handler from sample instance.
6995 Fixed storage violation problem when using namespaces.
6996 Add option to convert text content to upper and lower case.
6998 Modified COBOL/JSON generator to replace 'XML' in LI NKAGE SECTION and procedures with JSON.
6999 Fix the JSON/xsd parser to handler forward/backward-slashes in the node names.
7000 Add support for Repeating Sequence (Writers only).

4.3.10  Jun 12, 2011
6970 Remove Internal States structure from Doc Level Reader copybooks.
6971 Change size of Position field to PIC X(10) in Writer copybook to be consistent with readers.
6969 Add option to support context specific namespaces.

4.3.9   May 19, 2011
6923 Add support for JSON.
6933 Add a default length for numeric under Tools ->Default options.
6934 Error sometimes occurs when importing WSDL into existing Handler.
6935 Error when using Tools -> Import XML Handler.
6941 Correct code generation crash.
6945 Add support for fields that repeat and have data.
6946 Corrected order of nested repeating ordinals for genxc code.
6947 Prevent buffer size from being over written by minLen/maxLen/exLen attributes.
6948 Make extensible property true for schema type XMLSchemaAny
6951 Fix BOUNDS error for empty nodes in Readers and Writers
6961 Add a global setting to provide value for the "add closing tag" node property.
6963 Add option to not use COMP for any fields in generated code
6964 Use shorter name for Retrieved Canonical XML fields
6967 ensure Writers output namespace declarations before attributes
6968 A C XML writer was not picking up an numeric overflow condition

4.3.7  Feb 25, 2011
6930 Fix "cannot find column [FTPHost] " error.
6929 VMS COBOL splitting variable names across lines.
6928 Tools -> Import Schema should clear existing namespaces.
6927 Schema decimal types should default to "Signed".
6926 Error Position not populating for some errors in writers.
6925 Duplicate Name for repeating structure that also contain data.
6924 Performance improvements for Readers when message has whitespace between nodes.
6919 Fix issues with use Character references for Readers.

4.3.6  Feb 04, 2011
6898 Fix manual mapping on repeating structure with data content.
6888 Add Readahead feature for node-level readers.
6901 Reduce size of large paragraph in COBL node-level writers to address compiler error.
6902 Improved error message for numeric validation - COBOL readers.
6903 Fixed issues when repeating choice and node-level writers.
6904 Fixed issue with nillable namespace on writers.
6897 Dynamically change title of Physical IDS tab to reflect code generation language.

4.3.4  Dec 10, 2010
6843 The updated XML Thunder C code generator now uses a runtime library that eliminates much of the statically-linked code.
6850 The C-Runtime library and generated handler code to require an encrypted handshake/token in order to execute the handler.
6855 Back out change #6836. Empty numeric nodes will raise a PE again.
6858 Enhancement for XT Lite.
6860 Allow locked handler to map numeric IDS field to text node. 
6862 Some code branches can result in a call to set*Value(...) with the wrong number of parameters, causing a compiler error.
6863 Export toolset settings missing "Derive from IDS Field" setting for date, time and timestamp.
6864 Add default option for Extensible property.
6873 Read the Nillable, Fixed value and Default value properties from a referenced schema element.
6874 Node content is lost when "Expand All" is used in a dynamically loading handler
6877 Support for repeating choice.
6879 C Writers not detecting missing choice correctly.
6881 Error wrapping lines containing strings and more than 120 characters for Nonstop C.
6886 Set default code generation language for locked handlers to IDS source language.
6887 Numeric default values causing Compiler error in COBOL readers.
6889 Copybook Internal States size is incorrect for Writers when nillable is used.
6868 The program ID value from the generator can invalid character that can cause compiler error.
6870 Fixed issues for variables that are a single character long.
6871 Extended precision fields are not always obfuscated, causing compiler error.

4.3.3  Oct 28, 2010
6840 Repeating structure maxOccurs cannot be set a value > 32,000.
6841 Create from sample instance does not pick up repeating structures for nodes using the default namespace.
6844 Schema generation tab using toolset defaults for whitespace setting instead of handler default.
6845 88 level values being split across lines for copybook and test harness.
6846 XT Lite Edition supports copybook / header to XML conversion.
6847 Optional Flag field position not correct for non-data nodes under repeating structures.
6853 "Occurrence" Suffix is not case sensitive causing duplicate name compiler error.

4.3.2  Sep 17, 2010
6821 Abstract types do not load correctly when dynamic expansion is on.
6822 Corrected physical IDS display to accurately reflect language preference in handler properties.
6825 Improved support for P.I. nodes.
6827 #Define LOGGING statement should be enabled/disabled based on debug statements checkbox.
6828 The 'Ctrl+F' short cut does not work after the context menu for xml tree has been accessed'.
6830 Optional Flags not inserted for XML nodes without data on handlers created from copybook/header files .
6831 Root element should always have minOcccurs =1 for handlers created from sample XML or copybook/header files.
6833 Number of decimals for decimal types cannot be set to 0.
6834 Nonstop C code compiler errors when source code line >120 characters.
6836 Pattern error raised when reading XML document with empty node and content defined as numeric.

4.3.1  Aug 05, 2010
6793 Ask to save a handler or update the DOM only when there has been a change.
6795 Error reading content with entity references using XML PARSE.
6798 Support for gYear, gMonth, gDay, gYearMonth, gMonthDay.
6801 Save changes made on Code Reader counters inconsistent for nested repeating structures.
6805 COBOL Compact Code Reader counters inconsistent for nested repeating structures.
6812 Retrieve Node setting caused compiler errors.
6813 StackOverflowException when trying to open a schema with recursion of element with an empty type.
6814 COBOL performance enhancements.
6815 Add processing messages to long-running events.
6816 Error combining WSDL messages with the same header node.

4.3.0  Jun 25, 2010
6727 Provide initial support for Substitution Groups.
6733 Provide initial support for Abstract Types.
6741 Fixes for Adoption.
6748 Node-level readers sets an invalid-character error if any node-buffer begins with an unhandled (i.e. non-display control character/newline).
6775 Reduce size of source code for Writers.
6778 Show the name of the currently open handler in the title bar.
6779 Store the original XML Schema in a compressed form inside the handler file.
6780 New enhanced Find Capability.
6781 Changing the domain of a node with enumerations to itself raised an error.
6782 Error saving enumeration values with quotes.
6784 Improve COBOL reader error handling for bad/missing tags.
6785 Allow multiple instances of tx4.exe for concurrent user licenses (Enterprise Edition).
6786 Enumeration value of space or empty are not loaded correctly.
6787 Error converting handlers earlier than V3.8.
6788 Upgrade TList control to 2.17.
6791 Restrictions based on defined types were not being loaded properly from schema.

4.2.5  Jun 08, 2010
6725 Node-level Writers do not process repeating structures correctly.
6736 Out-of-sequence errors are not logged in node-level reader.
6740 Timestamp sample on properties pane not updated to reflect changes made to separators.
6741 Correct crashed caused when using Adoption .
6742 Node-level reader generated code does not compile if 'Output Data to:' option is 'None'.
6743 Node-level reader does not output error log if 'Output Data to:' option is 'None'.
6744 Provide option to derive Special Fields name from IDS field name (instead of XML node name).
6749 Choice selection value not declared large enough to hold max selection value from all choices in handler.
6750 Namespace qualifiers not kept when sample XML document is saved.
6751 Update selection attribute names (Choice) in an existent handler if it was changed through Handler properties window.
6752 Retrieve Node property generated SET statement that caused compiler error.
6756 Load root element list from any file in the schema set that contains elements (not just the first file).
6757 Keep field default value when rebuilding a Locked handler .
6759 Read data value of a complex type that has simple content. (Only attributes were read previously)
6758 Compiler error of namespace variables declared with Occurs 0 .
6760 Compiler error caused by generating namespace support for canonical logic when handler does not have namespaces.
6761 Special fields cannot be added to structure nodes that are not mapped on Locked Handlers.
6762 Reader Test Harness does not generate FILE variable for canonical logic if reading inline data.
6763 Program ID does not accept the phrase 'default' in its name .
6766 Document level readers raise index subscript error when nested repeating structure exceeds max Occurs.
6767 Changing domain from Gregorian to Julian date causes toolset crash.

4.2.4  May 04, 2010
6724 Changed generator to prevent main entry point to Handler does not get obfuscated.
6728 Do not add separators to Pattern for Date, Time and Timestamp when it is 'None()'.
6729 When reader or writer is not checked the Generate button should be protected.
6732 Preserve the original Enum value (with or without banks at the begin or end.
6734 String enumeration values not loaded correctly.
6737 Sample document duplicating version attribute.
6739 Use correct value for COBOL reserved word SPACE when extracting enumeration values from copybook.

4.2.3  Apr 24, 2010
6711 View alias name was causing a crash.
6713 Changing an XML Node property caused logical IDS node name to rename without namespace prefix.
6714 Make parser supports enumeration value with blank (e.g. ' ').
6716 Revoke online was not working for XT nonstop.
6718 C code line sometimes > 255 causing compiler error on mainframe.
6719 Test Harness did not support configurable data structure prefix. CANAM was always used.
6720 XT will not start if user ID does not have read access to part of system registry.

4.2.2  Apr 21, 2010
6704 Fixed FTP Mainframe issues. Provide FTP Path dropdown on code Gen window if "Use FTP" option is selected. Default FTP path was always being used. Fix FTP Upload Files to support mainframe FTPs.
6705 Import xml declaration node' and 'import xml namespace' settings should be always set to TRUE with V4 installation.
6706 Fixed issues with target Platform in some files.
6707 Fixed issues with enumeration values on UI and Generator, COBOL parser should be able to support enum value of SPACE and SPACES. COBOL parser should be able to support dots in the enumeration string("A.B.C"). Continuation in the middle is PIC
6708 Handle AttributeGroups when creating handler from schema.
6709 Choice Selection Value "XML Node Name" not being saved for defaults and properties.

4.2.1  Apr 13, 2010
6686 Correct error raised when converting sequence/choice/all indicators.
6687 Add option to have ID field hold formatted (i.e. text) value for date, time and dateTime.
6688 Default the Code generation platform set to "Nonstop" licenses.
6689 Code Generation progress bar new reflects percentage complete properly.
6690 Fix toolset crash that can occur for C code generation on the Nonstop platform.
6693 Remove compiler warnings being issued for unreachable code.
6696 Fix errors when creating a handler from an XML Instance. XML structure not correct.
6702 Toolset locked generating Readers "generate root as first level" IDS option set.

4.2  Mar 30, 2010
6610 Implement Concurrent Licensing performance improvements .
6622 Provide namespace support for C code Writers (for SOAP messages).
6623 Namespaces were not being correctly picked up for some WSDLs (RPC requests).
6625 Fix compile error when generating handler with unmapped choice nodes.
6626 Show warning message when creating a locked handler and IDS root is repeating.
6627 Creating Handlers from copybook when transform to attribute is "true" should still transform repeating fields as elements and show correct min/max occurs values on node properties pane..
6629 C code error "too many chars in character constant".
6630 Allow COBOL reader parses attributes value with ">" in its content.
6632 Do not generate extra code for _into 64 domain.
6634 Save handler to the folder it was opened from.
6646 Support optional loading of TList assembly from filesystem at location specified in application. config to avoid GAC lookup of potentially incorrect version of TList.
6655 Always set Namespace Prefix to 'n' if it is empty (" ").
6628 Test Harness will base inline sample XML document on XML structure instead of mapped fields.
6635 Use "convert to upper" setting for IDS prefix.
6636 Have C code Test Harness use same names as IDS settings.
6637 Line split for C code was not correct for Nonstop platform.
6638 Decimal Precision field is not created as signed field when special fields generated to separate 01 level .
6640 Do not generate paragraphs that are not needed to reduce compiler warnings.
6641 apply the default setting IDS uppercase to "-EXP" special field for C code.
6642 C code XML Writers should output "0" for empty numeric content.
6644 Choice selection attribute was not working when "XML Node Name" specified.
6652 Fix root element name error when creating handlers from copybook s with comment lines (using "Fixed Format").
6656 Date and Time paragraphs were always using double quotes for settings.
6659 Tool set did not generate COBOL code for nodes Enumerations with values greater than 160.
6662 Stop toolset error when creating Handler from copybook with free format when should be using fixed format.
6664 Fix 2 dashes in enumeration names (e.g. Elm--01) when IDS suffix is occurrence.
6669 Add option to Default IDS Rules to transform fields as Optional/Required when creating a handler form a Copybook.
6670 COBOL Parser supports data type of PIC 9(5).9(3) (dot or comma as decimal point).
6675 Performance enhancements.
6676 Fix tabbing sequence on properties windows and generation window.
6677 Protect variable length setting when node has exact length property.
6678 Fix 153 subscript out of range error raised for some WSDLs.
6679 Add ability to set default namespace for Handler.
6680 Clean up the IF-ELSE-ENDIF logic to remove compiler warnings.
6681 Include Function Prototype IDS settings was not being saved properly.
6682 Add a new column to New Handler Wizard to show Binding for SOAP message.
6692 Compact Code Generator was obfuscating namespaces causing missing node errors.

4.1.8  Feb 22, 2010
6620 Add ability to Export default settings from one toolset and Import to another.
6633 Modify XT to run on single processor to prevent random TList crashes.

4.1.6  Feb 17, 2010
6608 Create "Choice" structure when creating Handlers from copybooks with Redefines.
6609 Add choice selection node automatically to API structure when creating a handler from copybook with Redefines.
6617 Date/Time/DateTime pattern errors were not being cleared on subsequent calls to an XML Reader.
6618 Toolset crashes with arithmetic overflow if buffer size is greater than 999,999,999.
6619 In Summary tab, use Physical IDS names in mapping report.
6622 Provide namespace support for C code Writers.

4.1.5  Feb 11, 2010
6595 File Save As was adding extra "api.xml" to handler name
6598 Convert hyphens found in Compact Code Init file name to underscore
6594 Add support for numeric values with more than 8 decimal
6596 FILENAME Directive for Reader copybook was always using Writer filename
6597 Allow any character for prefix and suffix in IDS names.
6599 Fix Toolset crashes with arithmetic overflow if buffersize is greater than 999,999,999
6600 Node-level handlers repeating structure count and start track pointer value not correct at 65,536 occurrence
6601 Implement performance improvements and improve toolset stability
6603 Default Values could not be entered

4.1.4  Jan 06, 2010
6585 Property pane does not load default values for nodes created from schema.

4.1.3  Dec 12, 2009
6582 Increase the max buffer size from 99,999,999 to 999,999,999 GB or more.
6576 Enhancement support for character references in XML content.
6583 Test Harness will no longer move dummy data for FILLER fields.

4.1.2  Dec 02, 2009
6574 Support IDS prefix up to 9 long. Also allow special characters so ":PREFIX:" can be used in COBOL.
6578 Default Property "XML Handler define SOAP message" does not work properly.
6579 In IDS generation window, generation language changes should enabled and disabled according to chosen language.

4.1.1  Nov 26, 2009
6564 Provide a clearer message when trying to save over a protected file (read only) when generating code.

4.0.0  Nov 06, 2009
See for complete list of new features

3.12.10  Sep 15, 2009
6531 Floating point name incorrect when the IDS name setting for suffix is "none"
6533 Floating point name("-EXP") was generated incorrectly when IDS field did not have a suffix.
6534 Fixes for Julian Date XML domain maintenance.

3.12.9  Aug 03, 2009
6511 Add option to generate only special fields as COMP.
6513 Add function prototypes to the C Header file.
6514 Add double-include protection to C Header files.
6515 Fixed issues with saving Handler Properties for nillable

3.12.8  Dec 10, 2008
6498 Modified SOAP WSDL Parser to prevent duplicate namespace error.
6504 CDATA nodes giving invalid value when content is empty.
6505 Whitespace collapse was removing all characters when content was empty. It now collapse to 1 space.
6508 Missing nodes were not being trapped as errors for C Handlers.

3.12.7 Aug 15, 2008
6493 Initialize optional flag fields to zero and choice selection attribute to spaces within Handler.

3.12.6  Feb 18, 2008
6482 Add the required length for selection field when max size exceeded.