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Test Composer Level History

Version 2 History

September 09, 2003 
3277 Bug fix: Missing the compile command for Cool:Gen 6.0
3268 Enhancement: Created HTML documentation report for any selected number of packages
3276 Enhancement: Upgrade TC to be support Advantage Gen 6.5
July 17, 2003 
3180 Bug fix: error that is due to the destination path being empty. I reassigns its value before calling the copy function.
3198 Bug fix: The Group Views were not coming out in difference report
3204 Bug fix: The formula for setting the group view column caption was giving a run time error
3214 Bug fix: On Difference report, Test Results that do not have Expected Results or vis versa, redundant rows are being displayed.
3073 Enhancement: Allow the users to run their Scenarios in batch mode
3190 Enhancement: Run the difference report automatically if you are running in batch mode.
3200 Enhancement: Display the sequence number in addition to Test Case number in difference reporting
3187 Enhancement: In Batch Mode: Log ALL the generated error message into a file
3212 Enhancement: On Difference report, display the full view name
3232 Enhancemnet: Drag and drop the notes along the dragging and dropping the cells
May 20, 2003 
3278 Bug fix: The extended c percision pattern was not producing the right format
3143 Bug fix: Fields in the Database exceed the size 32K limit
2869 Enhancement: Copy function to copy all actual results to expected results
3176 Enhancement: Copy function to copy selected actual results to expected results
2870 Enhancement: Ability to exclude certain columns from comparison reports to eliminate some difference reporting
2875 Enhancement: Mark notes and blank lines as executed
2876 Enhancement: Provide a way to re-order test cases in test scenario- Drag and Drop rows