SOA Composer for CA Gen

SOA Composer is a companion product for CA Gen to encode/decode XML and SOAP content to/from Gen views and to create request-response message processing pairs. Please view video for more information. You can register or login to our web site to download SOA Composer Lite.

SOA Composer is a solution for CA Gen to
  • visualize XML or SOAP mappings to Gen views
  • consume or provide Web Services using HTTP, MQ or other means
  • encode or de-code XML or SOAP content from/to Gen views

Some examples of what you can do with SOA Composer
  • Visually design an XML Data Binder to either create or parse a specific XML document.
  • Create an SOA Message Exchange Manager to consume a web service
  • Create an SOA Reader Manager for a web service to read a SOAP message from an external source
  • Create an SOA Writer Manager for a web service to create and send a SOAP message to an external source
  • Generate an External Action Block in C, Cobol or Java to implement these different types of handlers
  • Design an XML document or SOAP message based on:
    • CA Gen attribute views
    • Custom XML structure
    XML Schema file
    XML instance file
  • Validate an incoming XML document or SOAP message based on:
    • Well-formedness
    • Missing elements/attributes
    • Foreign (unknown) elements/attributes
    • Domain specific numeric, date, time and timestamp patterns.
  • Automatically convert domain values including:
    • Date/time/timestamp value formatting
    • Text to numeric conversion
    • Whitespace processing support for text nodes.
    • NULL support
    • Default Value support
  • Merging/splitting a group view field

A closer look at SOA Composer

SOA Composer includes all XML Composer functionality plus major enhancements for supporting Web Services and Message Processing.

XML Composer could createa Readers and Writers.  SOA Composer can also create Reader, Writers (now called Data Binders) as well as:

Reader Managers

An EAB to receive an XML Message from a non-gen source – e.g. a Message Queue – and then parse the message into Gen views.  The EAB does not have a Gen import view for the XML_BUFFER field (as you’d find in a traditional XC Reader).  The Gen transaction does not pass in the XML message to the EAB – instead the EAB reads it from a non-Gen source.   However, the EAB does have Gen export views to return the content parsed from the XML back to the Gen transaction.

A code snippet capability is provided for you to add code to the EAB for reading the XML message from  the external source.  A starting point for this snippet is provided.

Writer Managers

An EAB to create an XML Message and send it to a non-gen source – e.g. a Message Queue.  The EAB has Gen import views  to receive in the content for the XML message that will be created.  The EAB does not have a Gen export view for the  XML_BUFFER field (as you’d find in a traditional XC Writer).  The EAB does not return the XML message to the Gen transaction – instead the EAB sends it from a non-Gen target.

A code snippet capability is provided for you to add code to the EAB for sending the XML message to  the external source.   A starting point for this snippet is provided.

Message Exchange Managers

EAB used for consuming Web Services.  The EAB does the following:

  • creates the Request Message using content received from the calling Gen transaction (i.e. in import views)
  • calls a Web Service
  • parses the Response message into Gen export views – to send back to the Gen transaction


SOA Composer Lite

SOA Composer Lite is a free, restricted functionality version of the full production version of SOA Composer for educational and evaluation purposes. Its main purpose is to acquaint CA Gen developers with the many features of SOA Composer.

The restrictions imposed on the Lite version of SOA Composer include:

XML documents and SOAP messages are limited in length to 4094 bytes. You will be permitted to create them and to save them however you will not be permitted to generate them. This limitation applies to the XML document buffer of a traditional data binder reader or writer but also to the internal length of the request or response SOAP messages.
You will not be permitted to perform version control on any handlers. Version control is an automated mechanism by which changes to the CA Gen view structures of the EAB can be adopted into an existing handler without disrupting the mapping to or the structure of the XML document or SOAP message. A change in the EAB views will require the SOA Composer Lite customer to re-create the handler.
Your SOA Composer Lite license restricts the toolset from opening any handler other than those handlers created by this license on this machine or the sample tutorial handlers shipped with the product. You will not be able to share your handlers with other installations of SOA Composer.
Group views are not permitted in either the import or export views of the EAB.
Generated code can be used in development environments only. Generated code is explicitly not licensed for use in production environments without licensing SOA Composer from Canam Software Labs, Inc.
These restrictions do not apply to the full commercial license of SOA Composer.