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What is Bulk Generation for Report Composer?

The Report Composer Bulk Code Generation option is available as an add-on utility to both

  • Report Composer development workstation software, and
  • Repository Manager

This new capability facilitates the generation of multiple Reporting or File Handling External Action Blocks (EAB's) in a single pass. There is no need to open and generate each report or file handler definition individually. As a result, organizations will save time and money when multiple Report Composer EAB's have to be generated.

Please contact our sales team at sales@canamsoftware.com for more information and pricing for this option.


How Does it Work?


The Bulk Code generation option will present a list of all EABs currently in a given local or shared repository. Developers can select one, many or all EABs in the list. The EABs to be generated in a single pass must share the same generation options. This includes target language, location and format (Text, HTML, PDF).

Support for Repository Manager and Workstation Toolset

When installed, the Bulk Code generator can be launched not only from the Report Composer workstation toolset but also from the Repository Manager. When using the Repository Manager for bulk code generation all EABs associated with the implementation of a specific release of an application can be generated without having to check out the EABs from a shared repository.


Bulk Generation Screens

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