What is the JAVA Report Engine (JRE)?

JRE is a runtime software product that allows the generation and delivery of reports designed with CA Gen and Report Composer. Reporting functionality can be easily integrated with Web enabled CA Gen applications.

The web report viewing capability allows you to develop a CA Gen web-enabled transaction that will generate and display a web report on demand. The Java Reports Engine works in tandem with CA Gen's Web Client Enablement product to accomplish this.


Supported CA GEN Technologies

  Block Mode GUI (Crystal)
COM Proxy N/A
Web Client Enablement (WCE E-Business)
.NET (C#) Reporting Engine Coming Soon...


How Does it Work?

When a report is requested by the application, JRE securely streams the pages of the reports back to the Web enabled CA Gen application. The report can be presented in the same instance of the Web browser as the CA Gen application or in a new instance of the browser.

The report can be viewed up as one document or can be served page by page with a navigation toolbar.


What Are the Benefits of Using the JAVA Report Engine?

JRE benefits

  • Use one report development tool for traditional and web report development.
  • Supports all CA Gen Web Architectures (COM Proxy, Java Proxy and WCE E-Business)
  • Supports both block mode and GUI Report Composer reports. (Block mode reports are now graphical as well.)
  • Includes XML based Java report engine for native Java performance and scalability.
  • Reports can be delivered as one document or page by page to suite application requirements.
  • Protects investment made in application reports with Report Composer as they can be easily migrated to the Web.
  • Firewall-friendly.
  • No re-investment required for report development skill set, Report Composer skills can be utilized.
  • Use 'traditional' Report Composer report transaction design, no re-training required.
  • Will provide solution for both Report Composer block mode and GUI reports.
  • Supports non-Windows web servers as they become available for CA Gen applications.
  • Allows the the repeated viewing of reports without the need for the application to re-run the reporting logic.