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Data Composer Level history

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Version 1 History

July 16, 2003 
#3233 Bug fix : fix:compiler error for C reader:fatal error C1026: parser stack overflow, program too complex

June 18, 2003 
#3209 Bug fix : numeric field formatted as number with decimal 0, when written out, looses all trailing 0s. (C Writer)

May 12, 2003
#3145 Bug fix : can not map a sub-field to a repeating xml element
#3147 Bug fix : import xml schema does not recognize simpleContent within complexType.
May 1, 2003 
#3128 Bug fix : list background color is not valid for some windows color schemes
#2936 Enhancement: plug-in uses current xc instance
#3106 Enhancement: enable repository file to be opened by dragging it onto the exe

April 1, 2003 
#3034 Bug fix : cannot design p.i. with attributes.
#2938 Bug fix : DOCTYPE is not handled in COBOL reader
#2939 Bug fix : reader returns EB if doc is modeled with elements
#3033 Bug fix : reader returns IC when CRLF encountered in xml doc.
#3058 Bug fix : incorrect data definition being generated for numeric fields with no integer part(COBOL).
#3039 Bug fix : first XML Handler window control box gets disabled when second one is closed.
#3042 Bug fix : error when unmapping repeating element if an unrelated api element is selected.
#2913 Enhancement: decimal point symbol customization
#2917 Enhancement: listbox on options panel
#2937 Enhancement: window state (max/min/norm) remembered
#2769 Enhancement: data/time/timestamp formatting
#3011 Enhancement: html help
#3019 Enhancement: "add closing tag" option for each element (see #2791)
#3035 Enhancement: writer can create DOCTYPE nodes.
#3038 Enhancement: xml buffer is located by attribute name(xml-buffer) or length(4K).
#3055 Enhancement: verify components.
February 20, 2003 
#2932 Bug fix : runtime error when launched as plug-in.
#2933 Bug fix : addNodeAttr fails for P.I.
#2935 Bug fix : allow more than one P.I.

February 10, 2003 
#2891 Enhancement: removed dependencies to unused dll components.
#2892 Enhancement: auto-hilite-mapped only if not right-clicked
#2911 Bug fix : do not allow open handler to be selected as source of adoption
#2912 Bug fix : adopt-auto-find should skip to next source if no match can be found

January 31, 2003 
#2894 Enhancement: made the options panel larger and multirow

January 27, 2003 
#2544 Enhancement: allows adoption of and existing XML handler.
#2883 Enhancement: gives extra information if no license file has been found.
#2882 Bug fix : toolbar settings are now saved/restored properly.
#2884 Bug fix : Sample/Schema/Summary views now refresh properly.
January 15, 2003 
#2821 Enhancement: Added JAVA EAB support
#2826 Enhancement: Tabbed manual/online registration
#2827 Enhancement: Remember "required" and "extensible" properties
#2698 Enhancement: Tool provided for validating instance file(s) against an XML Schema
#2845 Bug fix : Generate IF/THEN statements instead of EVALUATE/WHEN
January 8, 2003 

#2844 Bug fix : Mapping tool must be disabled if there is a text value child node
#2847 Enhancement: Performance improvement for mapping markings
#2848 Enhancement: Non-unique names modified automatically during batch transformation
#2849 Bug fix : Skip whitespaces after attribute equal sign
#2854 Bug fix : Allocate heap memory for buffer in C handlers.
#2855 Enhancement: Disable save operation in DEMO mode.
November 5, 2002 
#2791 Enhancement: Added option for writer to add close tag for empty elements.
#2797 Bug fix : CPAlgorithm > 1
#2798 Bug fix : writer was skipping PI attributes
#2804 Bug fix : initialize EAB output views before parsing (COBOL) 
October 25, 2002 
#2778 Bug fix: "Save As..." dialog problem fixed.
#2780 Bug fix: import schema from handler schema creates double root.

October 15, 2002 
#2587 Enhancement: network installation support
#2588 Enhancement: web license activation (SOLO) support
#2589 Enhancement: Advantage(tm) Gen plug-in mode support
#2605 Enhancement: use document full path to identify open docs
#2607 Enhancement: show readonly APIs grayed out on list
#2575 Enhancement: Batch generation dialog
#2549 Bug-fix: don't display canam-xml structure fields
#2667 Enhancement: the open api dialog list is now wider
#2668 Enhancement: checkbox replaced by button in add element dialog
#2669 Enhancement: displays hourglass during expand/collapse/delete
#2547 Enhancement: import xml schema
#2546 Enhancement: undo/redo
#2545 Enhancement: view report of the design
#2684 Enhancement: display a list of last opened files on the menu
#2699 Enhancement: import xml sample
#2700 Bug fix: field lengths now display same for plug-in and non-plug-in handler
#2695 Bug fix: attribute list node is being created multiple times
#2712 Enhancement: added status column to batch gen list {Ok, Failed, blank}
#2710 Enhancement: now warns user if source is not an EAB, continues to load if user accepts.
#2612 Bug fix: spanning COBOL lines are now read correctly
#2549 Enhancement: reader returns xml status result
#2527 Enhancement: reader performs syntax checking during parsing
#2632 Enhancement: reader detects missing mandatory nodes (optionality)
#2633 Enhancement: reader detects foreign nodes (extensibility)
#2580 Enhancement: reader detects DTD, and skips it
#2716 Enhancement: COBOL node name maximum is increased from 32 to 128.
#2717 Bug fix: reader now returns EB when encounters NULL value in buffer
#2718 Bug fix: reader now looks for both quot AND apos for attribute values in the stream
#2714 Bug fix: reader returns IC when attribute name has more than one leading white-space
#2715 Bug fix: reader returns IC when attribute value contains '/'
#2707 Bug fix: TIMESTAMP fields gened for COBOL were not recognized correctly
#2746 Bug fix: buffer items are now padded with spaces for C reader.
September 2, 2002 
#2652 Bug fix: varchar fields are now recognized correctly.
July 12, 2002 
#2519 Bug fix: varchar field names now displays correctly.
#2526 Bug fix: default browser now launches properly.
#2523 Bug fix: C generator uses hpvp on/off flags
#2524 Bug fix: C writer now rtrims text values
#2539 Enhancement: added CANAM-XML/XML-BUFFER, modified how buffer field is recognized.
#2541 Bug fix: COBOL reader numeric sign issue is solved.
#2543 Bug fix: COBOL writer text/numeric value trim issue solved.
July 4, 2002 
initial release