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Easy to Use Graphical User Interface

Data Composer™ provides you with a graphical tool that lets you generate high quality and high volume test data quickly and efficiently. It has an intuitive yet sophisticated user interface that enables quick and easy rule definition for test data generation.

Set foreign key value rules easily, use Advantage Gen permitted values and/or your own value overrides by just a few clicks!


Automatic Foreign Key Resolution

This feature is used to resolve the foreign keys for parent/child relationships to create meaningful test case scenarios for dependencies in a database.

A child table has foreign keys that point to a parent table. TurboData will generate default test data for the foreign key or you can set them to point to specific parent tables.


Create User Defined Foreign Keys

Mark fields as foreign keys even when they are logical foreign keys only! This is especially important for decoupled databases where data dependency is maintained by application program code. especially useful for component based development!


Use Advantage GEN Permitted Values

Eliminate data related errors during your testing by automatically utilizing permitted values defined in your Advantage Gen model! Turbo Data's Data Composer™ module can access the Advantage Gen model local *.DAT files to retrieve all vital information to generate meaningful test data!



Use the sophisticated test data generator to automatically generate complex test data with full referential integrity. Once your data rules are set your test data creation becomes a predictable and repeatable process.


Support for all Major Database System

Data Composer™ generates test data based on the Advantage Gen model ERD. It can generate syntactically correct standard ANSI SQL for all major databases supported by and delimited text files.

  • DB2
  • Microsoft Jet
  • MS/SQL Server
  • NonStop SQL
  • Oracle
  • Sybase


Version Control

Protect your investment in your data and make it an asset of your organization! You can easily accommodate changes in your data model or your database schema with Turbo Data's version control facility!


Edit Patterns

Desired edit patterns can be used in input files for value overrides and to create delimited text files for direct testing or database loading. Edit patterns can be easily defined similar to Advantage Gen!


Generic Value Overrides

Default data can be overridden by the user so that realistic values are used for the generated data. Each column may be individually overridden by a specific constant value, or the value could be read in from TurboData's Generic Value database, an input file, an Excel spreadsheet, or another database. These vales may be extracts from a production database. TurboData can scramble the data at random, or read the data in sequence. Value Overrides are used to create a test bed of very realistic test data.


High Volume Test Data Creation

Create high volume realistic test data easily! Whether you need hundreds, thousand, hundreds of thousands or even millions of rows of test data, Turbo Data with Data Composer™ is your logical answer!


Data Composer™ Benefits

  • Easy to use graphical user interface.
  • Create user defined foreign keys.
  • Use your Advantage Gen data model, database schema as your source or define your own schema.
  • Use Advantage Gen permitted values.
  • Automatic test data generation.
  • Supports all major database systems.
  • Version control.
  • Edit patterns
  • Generic value overrides
  • High volume test data creation.