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What's New in Data Composer™ V3?

The new features in Data Composer™ v3 are many. Here is a summary of the main ones: 
The user interface is much more user friendly. Less drilling up and down of dialogs to update the overrides of columns to generate. 
Setting the foreign keys for parent child relationships is even easier. 
SQL Builder. Point and click to create your own Update or Select statements etc. 
Multiple 'pick list' scenarios for each model. 
Control card generation to aid loading high volumes of data from delimited text files. 
Permitted Values now have the same flexibilty as generic values. They can be read in sequence as well as at random. 
Values can be read in from Excel spreadsheets. 
View the database definition in a tree view. 
Create a database definition report for printing. 
Manually create a database schema. This is great for generating delimited text files for testing batch programs. 
Manually edit a database schema. 
Data Composer™ v3 is now an add on component for TurboData. You can use TurboData to connect directly to certain databases such as MS/SQL Server and Oracle. With a direct connection you can take advantage of the following: 
Read in the database schemas from non Advantage Gen projects. 
Direct loading and deletion of data. No need to seperately execute the generated SQL file. 
Real values can be read in directly from other databases. This is a very useful tool for converting data from one platform to another. 
View and update a table's data directly on a grid. 
Run SQL statements directly from TurboData.