Report Composer

Report Composer, from Canam Software Labs, Inc. is the only report development tool available for Advantage Gen. Report Composer is a software tool used by developers to build external action blocks (EAB's). It can build EAB's for reading or writing flat files, and for writing formatted reports. The primary purpose of the tool is to help developers design and construct production reports for applications developed with Advantage Gen.

Data Composer and TurboData can be used to create test data for Report Composer GUI reports, and Report Composer delimited file readers.

Launch the Report Composer application, and open the EAB you want to create test data for. Select Data Composer from the toolbar, or main menu. Make sure that the radio button option to Create new DC test model is selected. Enter the Data Composer local name and description. Press the Data Composer pushbutton, and Report Composer will create a text file in the Data Composer User Work Directory. Data Composer will be launched, read this file, and create the new model information in the Local Name you specified.

You are now ready to use Data Composer to generate test data for your GUI report, or delimited file reader.

The following shows an example GUI report. All the data on the report was generated in a few seconds using Data Composer.

Figure 0.1 Example GUI report using generated test data

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