Reading the Advantage Gen Model

Figure 0.1 Read Advantage Gen Model

Data Composer reads the database definition directly from the Advantage Gen *.dat files on the user's workstation. The Advantage Gen Workstation Read Only API must be installed to access the *.dat files, and the Advantage Gen model should not be open while the *.dat files are being accessed.

Select the source Advantage Gen model by entering the location of the IEF0000.dat file. This path and file name may be typed in, or selected by clicking the Browse button.

Enter a TurboData Name. This is a user defined name that TurboData uses to create temporary work files while processing the database schema. The same Advantage Gen model may be stored more than once by using different TurboData Names. This is useful for setting up and saving different versions of a database.

Enter a description. This is optional, and may be edited after the database schema is stored in TurboData.

Press the OK button to read the Advantage Gen model, and store the database schema in TurboData.

When the database definition has been read successfully, the dialog is closed, and control is returned to the TurboData primary window.

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