Reading Test Composer Components in Data Composer

Figure 0.1 Read Test Composer Details

This dialog is used to read in the text file generated by Test Composer. The text file contains all the Advantage Gen model information required by Data Composer for the generation of test data for the Test Package.

The Test Composer file must have already been created by the Test Composer application in the Data Composer User Work Directory.

Enter a TurboData name. This is a user defined name that TurboData uses to store the new model details that it will read from the Test Composer file. The same Advantage Gen model may be stored more than once in TurboData by using different Names.

Enter a description. This is optional, and may be edited after the database schema is stored in TurboData.

Press the OK button to read the Test Composer file, and store the Test Package information in TurboData.

When the file has been read successfully, the dialog is closed, and control is returned to the TurboData primary window.

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