CSL Brings the Power of Thunder to the Boot Camp 2017

On November 12th, Canam Software will be at the 2017 NonStop Technical Boot Camp in San Francisco, California.  By generating all of the COBOL and C code needed to read and write JSON and XML messages, Thunder is the solution of choice for developers and IT architects for creating APIs to their COBOL and C applications.  Thunder's automated code generation makes it easy to implement new and enhanced APIs, freeing up developers’ time to focus their expertise on the business logic in their programs while reducing the go-to-market time for programs.


Thunder is now available in three unique solutions.


JSON Thunder for COBOL and C code creation

XML Thunder for COBOL and C code creation

Thunder Suite, which packages both XML Thunder and JSON Thunder plus version control for a truly comprehensive code generation solution.


Schedule a one-on-one demo of Thunder at Boot Camp today! Email info@canamsoftware.com or call (289) 719-0800.